UW society of Women Engineers 35th Annual evening With industry Career fair

Evening With Industry

Evening with Industry (EWI) is a career fair and banquet that UW’s Society of Women Engineers organizes annually. It's open to all students seeking internships, co-ops, and full time employment in the fields of engineering, science, or technology. Rooted in SWE’s goal to demonstrate the value of diversity in engineering, we aim to aid young professionals pave their way towards career success. What sets our event apart from standard career fairs is the banquet portion, as company representatives are given the opportunity to invite outstanding students from the career fair for extra face time and one-on-one networking at the banquet. In addition to a catered dinner, we will also recognize outstanding female scholars from each of UW’s engineering departments during the program.

The 35th annual Evening with Industry event is going to be held on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

If you have further questions, please contact us at ewi.swe.uw@gmail.com.

2016 Evening With Industry Directors: (left to right) Alison Ng, Kimberly Wong, Yuxing Wu

2016 Evening With Industry Directors: (left to right)

Alison Ng, Kimberly Wong, Yuxing Wu


Last year, Evening With Industry brought in 53 companies and over 700 students. This covered 11 engineering disciplines plus a few other STEM subjects. This allows students to find all kinds of working opportunities ranging from internships to co-ops to full time jobs with top companies while also providing companies with high-quality new employees. We are putting in a tremendous amount of time and effort to ensure that Evening With Industry 2017 is successful. With your support in EWI, we will be able to continue to support our organization of over 300 students and provide them with more opportunities in the industry.  We hope that you will join us, as your participation and support are what makes this event possible.